NoCirc of Minnesota

National Organization of Circumcision

Information Resource Centers

NoCirc of Minnesota is a branch of the National Organization of Circumcision Information Resource Centers, which is a 501(c)(3)  non-profit educational organization committed to securing the birthright of male and female children to keep their sexual organs intact.

We oppose medically unnecessary circumcisions, especially those performed on an unconsenting infant.

 We are committed to providing educational information about infant male circumcision and proper intact (uncircumcised) care. 

Recent News:

Due to pressure from concerned MN citizens, the MN State Legislature passed a law in 2005 that prohibits Medical Assistance (Medicaid) payments for medically unnecessary circumcisions!!  This will protect about 10,000 baby boys per year.  It will also save approximately $1 million of taxpayer dollars per year — money that can now be used for necessary, legitimate healthcare for low-income Minnesotans. You can support us at an adult toys in pittsburgh.

Minnesota is one of 16 states that have eliminated Medicaid funding of unnecessary circumcisions.  More states are expected to follow soon.