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National NoCirc Organization

Valuable information and pamphlets on general circumcision information, intact penis care, etc.

Related Links

Circumcision Information & Resource Pages

Provides information about all aspects of circumcision: Medical considerations, risks, information for parents, etc.

International Coalition for Genital Integrity

An alliance of international organizations dedicated to protecting normal anatomy and ending unnecessary genital cuttings for both males and females.

Doctors Opposing Circumcision

International organization of physicians, and others who are opposed to routine neonatal circumcision.

Nurses for the Rights of the Child

A nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting unconsenting infants and children from surgical alterations of their healthy genitals.

Ashley Montagu Resolution & Petition

This site contains a petition that signifies one agrees with the text of the Ashley Montague Resolution to End the Genital Mutilation of Children.

NORM—UK Bookstore

A collection of books about circumcision. Medically supported advice on circumcision and foreskin problems, such as phimosis. Information about medical treatments that avoid circumcision.

Attorneys for the Rights of the Child

A non-profit organization, with international attorney affiliates, founded to secure equal protection for, and broaden judicial and public recognition of, children’s legal and human rights to bodily integrity and self-determination.

Male Genital Mutilation Bill

A Bill to end male genital mutilation in the U.S.

Circumcision Resource Center

A nonprofit educational organization with the purpose of informing the public and professionals about the practice of circumcision.

Jews Against Circumcision

A group of educated and enlightened Jews who realize that the barbaric, primitive, torturous, and mutilating practice of circumcision has no place in modern Judaism.

Catholics Against Circumcision

Promoting respect for bodily integrity by protecting children from circumcision.

Jewish Circumcision Resource Center

Represents Jews around the world who question circumcision (bris or brit milah). One purpose of the Jewish Circumcision Resource Center is to make known to the Jewish community that there is a growing number of Jews who either have not circumcised their son or would choose not to circumcise a future son.


The case against infant circumcision and for genital integrity, viewed from many angles. Animations, photos, links to resources.